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Rocketick is now part of Cadence !

RocketSim™ solves functional verification bottlenecks by complementing simulators with a Multicore Processor based acceleration solution that offers 5-10X faster simulations for complex designs

Compatible with leading simulators:
Watch CEO of Rocketick Inc. interviewed by EDACafe
Rocketick is now part of Cadence!
Cadence to Acquire Rocketick, Delivering Revolutionary Parallel Logic...
RocketSim-CPU announcement


  • Accelerates functional Verilog simulation by 10x or more
  • Reduces host memory footprint by 5x or more
  • Compatible with leading simulators
  • Billion logic-gate capacity
  • Full debug visibility (VCD, FSDB)
  • Four state logic
  • Compliant with Verilog IEEE 1364-2001, 1364-2005, System Verilog, OVM,
    VMM and UVM 
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This is exactly the kind of solution that the semiconductor market has been waiting for "

Jeff Herbst,
VP of Business Development at NVIDIA