What influences the acceleration ratio?
The size of the design influences the acceleration ratio. The larger the design, the larger the ratio by which RocketSim accelerates. In addition, since the current release of RocketSim does not accelerate the testbench, it is more suitable to verification environments where the testbench is not the major part of simulation time.


What server configuration is required to run RocketSim?
RocketSim is a very efficient simulation engine. It requires less than 20% of the memory other simulators do and can run designs of over one billion gates on standard servers with only 32GB of main memory.

Can RocketSim use my existing test bench?
Yes. RocketSim runs alongside any test bench in a seamless way.

Does RocketSim provide full visibility of internal signal values?
Yes. Since RocketSim  plugs into the simulator, all debug capabilities provided by the simulator, including full visibility, are maintained.

What is the maximal design size supported?
RocketSim can simulate designs larger than one billion gates on a standard server.

How long does it take RocketSim to compile?
RocketSim features rapid compilation, which is comparable with the simulator’s compilation time.

Am I required to modify my design code in order to use RocketSim?
No. RocketSim is a software-based solution that works within the simulator’s environment. This means that it uses the same design code as input.

Do I require intensive training in order to operate RocketSim?
No. RocketSim operates in the background. You continue to use the simulator as you always did, while RocketSim runs as a co-simulator.  

Which simulators are compatible?

Any simulator supporting standard Verilog is compatible. This includes Synopsys VCS, Cadence Incisive Enterprise Simulator and Mentor Graphics ModelSim.