havasupai falls how to get there

Havasupai Falls How To Get There?

The best way to reach Havasupai is from Highway 66, six miles east of Peach Springs, onto Indian Route 18, a 64 mile road to Hualapai Hilltop. From the Hilltop parking lot there is an eight mile trail to Supai Village. This trail may be traveled either by foot or horse.

How difficult is the hike to Havasupai falls?

Moderately strenuous. Steep the first (and last) mile and a half. Long. You’ll start your hike at the trailhead of Hualapai Hilltop and head 10 miles down to the falls.

Where do you fly into for Havasupai falls?

The two closest airports to Havasu Falls are Las Vegas (4 hours) or Phoenix (5 hours).

How much does it cost to get into Havasu Falls?

Entrance Fee per Person: $35.00. Campground Fee per Person per Night: $17.00. Environmental Fee per Person: $5.00.

How long does it take to get to Havasupai falls?

The hike to the falls on the Havasupai Reservation is arduous, and tribal regulations require visitors to spend the night in the canyon rather than making it a day trip. Depending on your pace and conditioning, expect the 10-mile hike to Havasu Falls to take four to seven hours.

Is Havasu Falls Worth the money?

I hiked down to the town of Supai inside the Grand Canyon to camp for the night and to see the waterfalls down there. Aside from that, the waterfalls are gorgeous and it’s so amazing how the water begins from a spring in the ground. …

Can you swim in Havasupai Falls?

Havasu Falls is probably the best waterfall for swimming. It’s much more powerful than Navajo Falls, but still totally swimmable and even non-swimmers can enjoy the refreshing water there. There’s a large pool that’s about 5ft (1.8m) deep.

How do I get to Havasupai campground?

Getting there:
  1. Take Highway 66 to Indian Route 18 to reach the reservation entrance. …
  2. From the hilltop, it’s an 8 mile hike to reach the Supai Village. …
  3. Campers should be aware that there is very little shade on this hike, and the Arizona heat can make the miles seem much longer.

Is Havasu Falls open now?

When To Visit Havasupai Falls. Havasu canyon is open to visitors year round; however, peak tourist season is May through September. Water temperatures average 60 -70 degrees Fahrenheit during these months. Monsoon season in Arizona begins in mid- July and extends through August.

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Can you visit Havasu Falls now?

Due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, HAVASUPAI WILL REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FEBRUARY 1, 2022. … The Havasupai Reservation and Supai Village remain on lockdown and are CLOSED TO ALL TOURISTS. Please do not travel to the Havasupai Reservation or Supai Village. All tourists are prohibited from entering.

Can you hike Havasupai without a permit?

You cannot enter the Havasupai reservation without a permit. You used to be able to take a day hike to see Havasu Falls but day hikes are no longer allowed. To access the Havasupai waterfalls, you will need either a camping permit or a reservation at the Havasupai Lodge, the hotel on site.

Can I drive to Havasu Falls?

The waterfalls are not easy to get to

There are no roads to the waterfalls only a difficult 10 mile hike in each direction. The hike begins on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, a 4-5 hour drive from either Phoenix or Las Vegas.

How much is camping in Havasupai?


The fee is $100 per person per night Monday-Thursday, and $125/night Friday-Sunday. Rates are normally adjusted on an annual basis. The Havasupai Tribe requires full payment at the time your reservation is made, and there are no refunds allowed.

Will Havasu Falls Open in 2021?

Here’s what we know about reservations, rebooking. If you were hoping to hike to the turquoise and emerald Havasupai Falls, you’ll have to wait until at least 2022 to plan your trek. The Havasupai Tribal Council has extended its suspension of tourism until Feb.

How do I prepare for Havasu Falls Hike?

  1. DON’T show up without a permit. …
  2. DON’T overpack. …
  3. DON’T camp where you aren’t supposed to. …
  4. DO be nice to the locals. …
  5. DO pack out your trash. …
  6. DON’T leave your punctured float toys at the bottom of the falls. …
  7. DO bring water shoes. …
  8. DO go swimming.

Are Havasu Falls and Havasupai Falls the same?

And yes, Havasupai Falls and Havasu Falls are names that tend to be used interchangeably. 4.

Can you take a helicopter into Havasupai Falls?

The helicopter does not take you to the falls. You will still have an additional 2 mile hike each way to get to the falls and back to Supai. The helicopter does not fly every day – see below – and it is first-come-first-served.

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How do I get to Supai?

To get to Supai, you go West on I40 toward California. Take the Seligman exit (also called old Route 66) North toward Peach Springs. This is your last chance for gas. 37 miles from the Seligman exit is Indian Road 18 turning only to the right.

What is the best time of year to go to Havasu Falls?

Havasupai Campground

The best time to visit Havasu Falls is in the late fall, winter or early spring. During the summer months, plan to hike as early as possible to avoid the heat. Remember to bring plenty of water for the hike, as there is no water available for hikers and the trail can be dry, hot and dusty.

Why is Havasupai water so blue?

The creek is well known for its blue-green color and distinctive travertine formations. This is due to large amounts of calcium carbonate in the water that formed the limestone that lines the creek and reflects its color so strongly.

Where should I stay before hiking Havasupai Falls?

  • Caverns’ Inn @ Grand Canyon Caverns. located in Peach Springs, Arizona. 48 unit motel room located at the entrance to the Grand Canyon Caverns. 66 miles / 80-90 minutes from the trailhead.
  • Hualapai Lodge. located in Peach Springs, Arizona. 54 rooms.

Does Havasupai have cell service?

Verizon users will have access to LTE network in the canyon. We didn’t get service at the campgrounds but we did get service when we sat at the top of Havasu Falls and in the village of Supai.

Is Supai open?

Please be advised: The Havasupai Reservation and Supai Village remains on lockdown and are closed to all tourists. Please do not travel to the Havasupai Reservation or Supai Village. All tourists are prohibited from entering.

How much does Havasupai cost 2020?

We estimate the Havasupai permit cost in 2020 to be around $350 to $500 per person. We assume Havasupai will continue with their minimum stay of 3 nights, 4 days. Reservations are 100% non-refundable and non-transferrable.

What language do the Havasupai speak?

Three Native American tribes of Arizona–the Havasupai (or Supai), Hualapai (or Walapai), and Yavapai Indians–speak dialects of the same Yuman language, sometimes simply called Pai. The Yuman languages are considered by some linguists to be members of the larger Hokan language family.

Can you drive to Horseshoe Bend?

Getting To Horseshoe Bend By Car

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From Page, drive south on Highway 89 and look for the exit lane and dirt road between mile 544 and 545 (on the west side of the road). … You’ll see the parking lot shortly after you turn off the main road. Parking is free and is RV friendly.

Can I sell my Havasupai reservation?

Selling Havasupai falls reservations is prohibited but that doesn’t stop people from trying. … The annual rush to secure a coveted hiking permit to Havasupai falls in the Grand Canyon was on.

Are there bears in Havasupai?

Normally, animals like raccoons, deer, or even bears are the big bads of food stealing but at the Havasu Falls Campsite, it’s squirrels. The squirrels at Havasu Falls are renowned for their ability to get into food supply that you worked so hard to carry in from the hilltop.

Where do the Havasupai live?

Havasu Canyon
The Havasupai people live in Havasu Canyon. Visit the Havasupai Museum of Culture and enjoy the waterfalls of Havasu Canyon. The Havasupai Tribe has called the Grand Canyon and north-central Arizona home for over 1,000 years.

How far is it from Phoenix to Havasu Falls?

It takes approximately 7h to drive from Phoenix to Havasu Falls.

Is there drinking water at Havasupai?

The campground along Havasu Creek is 10 miles / 16 km from the trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop (2 mi. / 3 km below Supai). It serves up to 350 people. Available in campground, drinking water, restrooms, and picnic tables.

Why is Lake Havasu green?

Lake Havasu City Water Resources Coordinator Doyle Wilson said the lake is greener than usual thanks to the slimy, bright green algae-like substance known as cyanobacteria microsystis.

Is Lake Havasu man made?

Lake Havasu a man made lake created by daming up the Colorado River – Picture of Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

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