how long does the cape may lewes ferry take

How Long Does The Cape May Lewes Ferry Take?

approximately 85 minutes

Is the Cape May ferry worth it?

Yes, you pay for it but it shaves off a lot of time driving to Cape May or other Jersey shore points. They have excellent seats on the inside and outside and if you have a pet, they are welcome on the outside. You can also get food and drinks at the cafe or a souvenir at the gift shop.

Does Cape May-Lewes Ferry save time?

Save time when traveling to and from Delaware while sailing on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. As you cross the Delaware Bay, enjoy historic lighthouses, scenic harbors, unique shorebirds and maybe even your own dolphin escort! The ferry offers vehicle, bicycle and foot passage.

Can you stay in your car on the Cape May Ferry?

The Ferry can accommodate vehicles up to 13’6″ in height, so as long as your vehicle is under that mark, we’ll happily welcome you aboard.

How fast is the Cape May Ferry?

The trip across the Delaware Bay takes about 85 minutes one way, with a round-trip being approximately 3 hours.

Can you walk from Cape May ferry to town?

Head the other direction to Cape May, where you can cruise into town and access all the bars, restaurants,and beaches within a few miles! Bicycles are free on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, riders pay the foot passenger fare and walk their bikes on board.

Where does the Cape May ferry drop you off?

Lewes Terminal
Cape May Terminal – 1200 Lincoln Blvd, North Cape May, NJ 08204. Lewes Terminal – 43 Cape Henlopen Drive, Lewes, DE 19958.

Why did they sink the Cape May Ferry?

A screen-capture from a video posted on YouTube by Wildwood Video Archive of the MV Twin Capes sinking last Friday.

Does the Cape May ferry go to Ocean City Maryland?

The 17-mile, 85-minute cruise between New Jersey and Delaware can cut miles off a trip along the Atlantic Coast, connecting points like Wildwood, Stone Harbor, Avalon, Ocean City and the rest of the Jersey Shore with Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, Sussex Shores, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Ocean City, MD, and …

Can you bring alcohol on the Cape May Ferry?

No open alcoholic beverages are allowed in cars on the Ferry. … Alcohol purchased in the terminals, including at On the Rocks Dockside Grill, must be completely consumed or discarded prior to boarding. You cannot carry an open drink from the terminals to the boats or vice versa.

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Can you sit in your car on a ferry?

If you are wondering can you stay in your vehicle on a ferry the answer in most cases is no. Once the vessel starts with crossing, you will not be allowed onto the car parking deck as most of the large car ferries for safety reasons, do not allow passengers to stay in their cars.

How many people does the Cape May Ferry hold?

800 passengers
The Cape May-Lewes Ferry: Sailing Daily Since 1964 Up to 100 vehicles and more than 800 passengers today can board modern ferries longer than football fields for an enjoyable 85-minute mini-cruise across the bay, with efficient access highways and modern terminals on each side.

How many cars does the Lewes Ferry hold?

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry can accommodate approximately 100 standard sized vehicles per crossing.

Do you need a reservation for the Cape May Ferry?

Do I need to make a reservation? For now, due to COVID-19, reservations are required. Book online, or call us at 800.643. 3779.

How much does it cost to walk on the Cape May Ferry?

It depends on age, seniors it is $19 if you use the shuttle to downtown Cape May. You may be able to get is a $1 less for a couple. I think it may be $22 if not a senior.

Do ferries run in the rain?

Yes it runs every day. Rain or shine. Helpful?

Is Cape May walkable?

Cape May offers a great example of a walkable and historic place that’s able to handle a lot of people. Even though we drove from Virginia to get to Cape May, one of the reasons we like the town so much is because of how walkable it is. … This well-preseved house in Cape May is now a bed and breakfast.

Is there a boardwalk in Cape May?

Cape May’s promenade runs parallel to Beach Avenue and stretches for nearly two miles, taking you on a scenic walk or run past Cape May’s beaches. Though it’s sometimes referred to as a boardwalk, our promenade is actually paved (the last wooden boardwalk was destroyed in the 1962 nor’easter).

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Who owns the Cape May Lewes Ferry?

Delaware River and Bay Authority
Cape May–Lewes Ferry
M.V. Delaware near the Lewes, Delaware terminal on May 21, 2019
Locale US 9, North Cape May, New Jersey and Lewes, Delaware
Waterway Delaware Bay
Transit type Passenger/automobile ferry
Owner Delaware River and Bay Authority

How deep is the Delaware Bay?

Bordered mainly by marshy lowlands, the bay is an important link in the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. It serves Philadelphia to the north by means of a channel in the Delaware River that is 32 feet (10 m) deep and 600 feet (180 m) wide.

How much does the Cape May ferry weigh?

2,150 tons
Without cars and passengers, the ferry weighs 2,150 tons, so Captains take great care and pride to do things as gently as possible with the existing weather conditions.

Does Lewes Beach have a boardwalk?

From Lewes to Fenwick Island, the attractions and activities available are virtually endless. A classic staple to any beach community is a boardwalk. These boardwalks can be the perfect locale for family fun, ocean-front dining and much more.

How long do you have to arrive before a ferry?

You’ll need to arrive between an hour and 30 minutes before your scheduled sailing time.

Do dogs have to stay in the car on a ferry?

Most crossings require your dog to remain in your vehicle or one of the ferry’s kennels and we have teamed up with the RSPCA to help make sure that wherever your dog spends his time, his experience is a positive and enjoyable one.

How early should I get to the ferry?

Plan to be aboard your ferry as a walk-on passenger at least five minutes in advance of the sailing.

Do ferries go in thunderstorms?

But don’t worry — even amid a raging thunderstorm, you’re fine on a ferry, thanks to a protective lightning “Faraday’s Cage.” “Basically, if lightning were to hit one of our vessels, you’re safe within the protective ‘cage,'” said Justin Fujioka with the Washington State Ferries.

How do you catch a ferry?

Home / Uncategorized / Catching a ferry? Know before you go, with this tool. SEATTLE – Washington State Ferries customers can now view the number of available vehicle spaces before leaving the comfort of their home or office.

Are the Manly Fast Ferries running today?

Our Manly – Circular Quay and Manly – Watsons Bay services are operating again today. Our Manly – Circular Quay and Manly – Watsons Bay services are operating again today.

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Is Cape May Crowded?

Cape May Point, located in the southernmost tip of New Jersey, is home to Pearl Beach, the least crowded of all beaches in the area, according to Cottage Beside the Point: Vacation Rental Cottages in Cape May Point. … There is a lifeguard on duty making Pearl Beach a swimming beach.

What food is Cape May known for?

Fresh seafood and Victorian charm abound in Cape May, but choices run the gamut from pancakes, quesadillas and pizza to fine dining in posh settings. Here are our top picks for where to eat. In dubbing itself “the nation’s oldest seashore resort,” the City of Cape May isn’t going overboard.

Is Cape May a dry town?

Cape May Point is a dry town, one of three municipalities in Cape May County where alcohol cannot be sold. Cape May Point, Ocean City and Wildwood Crest are Cape May County’s only remaining dry municipalities.

Is Cape May a nice vacation spot?

If you’re planning a family vacation to the Jersey Shore, Cape May offers clean beaches, miniature golf, arcades, museums, shopping, and kid-friendly dining. Cape May has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Is the beach in Cape May free?

2021 Beach access fees:

$6.00 Daily; $15.00 for 3-consecutive days; $20.00 weekly; $30.00 Season. Children 11, and under & Active Military & Veterans are free. Cape May has four public restrooms along Beach Ave.

Does Cape May have a beach?

Cape May is a beach-lovers’ paradise

Cape May City’s beaches are family friendly, clean, and close to restrooms and food. They run approximately 2.5 miles parallel to Beach Avenue and are within walking distance from most accommodations.

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