how many wineries in willamette valley

How Many Wineries In Willamette Valley?

The Willamette Valley, Oregon’s leading wine region, has two-thirds of the state’s wineries and vineyards and is home to more than 700 wineries.

How many wineries are in Oregon?

With 21 approved winegrowing regions and more than 900 wineries producing almost 100 varieties of grapes, Oregon is blessed with some of the most diverse and beautiful wine-growing landscapes in the world.

How many wineries are in Oregon 2020?

The Rogue Valley increased its number of wineries by 12% to 112. There were 73 new vineyards established in 2020, giving the state 1,370 vineyards as Oregon expanded its plantings by nearly 6%, adding 2,100 acres to reach 39,531 acres.

What wineries are in Willamette Valley?

  • Adelsheim | Newberg.
  • Archery Summit Winery | Dayton.
  • Argyle Winery | Dundee.
  • Bergstrom Winery | Dundee + Newberg.
  • Brooks Wines | Amity.
  • Chehalem Winery | Newberg.
  • Cristom Vineyards | Salem.
  • de Lancellotti Family Vineyards | Newberg.

How many wineries are in Eugene Oregon?

Representing over 15 local wineries, vineyards and vintners; the South Willamette Wineries Association coordinates popular wine tasting events including Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend’s Territorial Wine Trail and the Urban Wine Circuit.

How many wineries are in Oregon 2021?

The Oregon wine industry has expanded significantly over the last 30 years thanks to the success in producing world-class Pinot Noirs. We have grown to over 1000 vineyards and over 800 wineries in the state and is continuing to grow.

What is the largest winery in the world?

A family winery founded in 1933 by two brothers, Ernest and Julio, is now the world’s largest winery. E&J Gallo Winery has 80 different labels and 20,000 acres of vineyards spread through the wine regions of California. E & J Gallo Winery has an annual income of $4.1 billion.

How many acres is the Willamette Valley?

3,438,000 acres
TOTAL GEOGRAPHIC AREA. Between Oregon’s Cascade Mountains and the Coast Range, more than 100 miles long and spanning 60 miles at its widest point. 3,438,000 acres.

What percentage of Oregon wine is produced in the Willamette Valley?

73 percent
Unique climates and soil types differentiate the production regions. The Willamette Valley produces 73 percent of Oregon’s wine grapes and grows several cool climate grape cultivars, with Pinot noir accounting for 60 percent of production.

What is the most widely planted grape in Oregon?

Pinot noir
Pinot noir and Pinot Gris are the top two grapes grown, with over 59,452 short tons (53,934 t) harvested in 2016. Oregon winemakers sold just under 3.4 million cases in 2016.

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How many wineries are in Yamhill County?

Surprisingly, Yamhill County has over 80 wineries and an astounding 200 vineyards, which is the largest concentration of winegrowers and producers in any other county in Oregon. The title, Oregon wine country, comes from this part of the state where many of its vineyards specialize in Oregon’s famous Pinot noir.

Are Willamette Valley wineries open in December?

Now that winter is here in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, the perception may be that the wine tasting and touring season is over. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many wineries and tasting rooms, like Youngberg Hill, are now open year round.

Where is the wine taste in Willamette Valley?

15 of the Best Willamette Valley Tasting Rooms
  • Beaux Frères. The tasting room at Beaux Frères is small and private, offering an intimate, relaxing atmosphere. …
  • Adelsheim. …
  • Bergström Wines. …
  • Colene Clemens Vineyards. …
  • Brooks Vineyard and Winery. …
  • Evening Land Vineyards. …
  • Domaine Drouhin. …
  • Lange Estate Winery & Vineyards.

What county is Willamette Oregon in?

Willamette Valley
Farmscape in northern Polk County
The Willamette Valley contains most of Oregon’s population; it extends from Newberg in the north to Eugene in the south.
Location United States, Oregon

Where is the Southern Willamette Valley?

Where is the South Willamette Valley? The southern half of the 150-mile long Willamette Valley stretches roughly from Albany to the Calapooia Divide just south of Cottage Grove. To the west are the Oregon Coast Range mountains; the Central Cascade Mountains rise to the east.

What is the top wine region in Oregon?

The Willamette Valley
The Willamette Valley, Oregon’s leading wine region, has two-thirds of the state’s wineries and vineyards and is home to more than 700 wineries. It is recognized as one of the premier Pinot noir–producing areas in the world.

What was the first winery in Oregon?

Valley View Vineyard
The first recorded winery, Valley View Vineyard, was established in Jacksonville (in what is now the Rogue Valley AVA) in the 1850s by Peter Britt, several years before the state was founded in 1859.

How many wineries are in Dundee Oregon?

Within the 12,500 acres of this almost exclusively basaltic landmass that runs north-south and overlooks the Willamette River to the south and the Chehalem Valley to the north, more than 2,220 acres of grapes are planted in approximately 100 vineyards.

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Who owns the most vineyards in the world?

Concha y Toro, which owns 2,656 acres of vineyards including 1,144 acres at Fetzer and Bonterra in Mendocino, claims to be the world’s largest owner of vineyards since Treasury Estates sold the 275 acres around its venerable Asti Winery to Gallo, dropping it to 10,670.

Who is the highest producer of wine?

Global Wine Trade Italy was the leading producer of wine in 2020, and had the highest export volume of wine in that year, at 20.8 million hectoliters. The other two top winer producers were also the top exporters. Spain exported 20.2 million hectoliters and France, 13.6 million.May 25, 2021

What is the best selling wine in America?

Barefoot wine was the top selling table-wine brand in the United States in 2021, by far. The brand, owned by E&J Gallo Winery, garnered sales of over 664 million U.S. dollars. The next best-selling brand was Sutter Home, produced by Sutter Home Winery, one of the largest independent wineries in the nation.

How many AVAs are in the Willamette Valley?

The boundaries of the Willamette Valley AVA were established in 1984, and since then seven new, smaller AVAs have been created within the northern portion of Willamette Valley AVA.

Willamette Valley AVA.
Wine region
Willamette Valley
No. of wineries 500

What is the best time to visit Willamette Valley?

In fact, when the Willamette Valley is at its hottest, in July and August, you can be sure that the coast will be fogged in. The best month for the coast is usually September, with good weather often holding on into October.

What grapes are grown in the Willamette Valley?

Of the more than 21,000 acres of vineyards in the Willamette Valley, nearly 93% has been planted to just three grapes: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay, with Pinot Noir accounting for a full 72% of the grape acreage.

How many wineries are in Southern Oregon?

There are nearly 6,000 vineyard acres and over 150 Southern Oregon wineries to visit. What is this? So, what makes southern Oregon such a unique and diverse wine growing region in the first place?

How many wineries are in Washington state?

With just over 1,000 wineries, 400+ grape growers, and 60,000+ acres of wine grapes, Washington State is the 2nd largest wine producing state in the U.S. We are proud to produce over 80 varieties from our 19 AVAs, and each year, we have a total in-state economic impact of more than $8B and produce over 17M cases of …

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How much money do vineyards make?

How much profit can a vineyard business make? Profits vary depending upon a number of factors. A 35-acre vineyard earning an annual return of $2,500 per acre will see a profit of approximately $88,000.

Where is Pinot Noir grown Oregon?

Willamette Valley vineyards
Although the Willamette Valley vineyards remain the standard bearers for quality, Pinot Noir is grown all over the state, from the warm-climate vineyards of Southern Oregon—source for many of the inexpensive, fruitier styles—to the cooler Columbia Gorge.Nov 27, 2018

What wine grapes grow best in Oregon?

Pinot noir is the number-one cultivar grown in Oregon, making up more than 60 percent of the state’s acreage. Pinot noir does especially well in the major grape-growing regions of the state because it is a cool-climate cultivar, and much of western Oregon is a cool-climate region (<2,500 GDD annually).

What wine is Washington known for?

Out of 70 wine varietals, five make up over 80% of this region’s production: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, and Syrah. Columbia Valley wine is the most recognized and varied of all of Washington’s wine-growing regions.

How many wineries are in Carlton Oregon?

With over 50 member wineries, there’s an experience for everyone in Yamhill-Carlton.

How many Ava are there in the US?

260 AVAs
Around the United States There are currently 260 AVAs in 34 states. Over half (142) of the AVAs are in California. An AVA may be located within one or more larger AVAs.

What county is Yamhill Oregon in?

Yamhill County


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