how much are zoombezi bay tickets

How Much Are Zoombezi Bay Tickets?

Zoombezi Bay General Admission
Age / Category Regular Price Online Price
Children under 3 Free Free
Child (3 – 9) $26.99 $24.99*
General Admission (10 – 59) $34.99 $30.99*
Senior (60+) $26.99 $24.99*

How much is Zoombezi Bay passes?

Season passes for Zoombezi Bay are $74.99/child and $104.99 for ages 10 and up. Gold Individual Membership (includes FREE entry to the Zoo and Zoombezi Bay, FREE rides, FREE animal feedings and FREE admission to the 4-D Theater) are $124.99/$154.99.

Is Zoombezi Bay Open 2021?

Zoombezi Bay is open for the season! … As a reminder, Gold Members and 2021 Zoombezi Bay Season Pass Holders are able to visit without reservations over Labor Day weekend, and Bring-a-Friend tickets will be sold as normal at the Season Pass entrance on Labor Day (Sept. 6).

How much is Zoombezi Bay Fastpass?

New in 2012, Zoombezi Bay is offering a ZoomPass. Similar to the Fast Pass at Walt Disney World, those guests who purchase the ZoomPass wristband can skip lines and head right to the slides. ZoomPasses aren’t cheap, though: Weekday wristbands cost $19.99 each and they’re $24.99 on the weekends.

Can you get into Zoombezi Bay with a zoo ticket?

*This package includes one day to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and one day to Zoombezi Bay.

Columbus Zoo/Zoombezi Bay 2-Day Ticket – Currently unavailable.
Under 3 Free
General Admission $44.99
Senior (Ages 60+) $32.99

What is Zombie Bay?

SEPT 17 through OCT 31, 2021

Introducing ZOMBIEzi Bay, where the undead rule the night. Explore a wicked new world with four haunted houses, two scare zones, the Sea Dragon roller coaster, other non-water rides and plenty of sinister surprises – if you dare.

Who owns zoombezi Bay?

the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Zoombezi Bay is a 22.7 acre water park, owned and operated by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, that features 17 state of the art water slides, a wave pool, an action river, a lazy river, private cabanas, a kiddie play pool and more.

Does zoombezi Bay have a lazy river?

Zoombezi Bay is a 22.7-acre water park that features 19 state-of-the-art water attractions, including the aquatic adventure area, Otter Banks; themed water slide, SoundSurfer; the multi-level play structure, Baboon Lagoon; a wave pool; an action river; a lazy river; a kiddie play pool and more.

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How much is Zoombezi Bay tickets at Kroger’s?

Zoombezi Bay General Admission
Age / Category Regular Price Online Price
Children under 3 Free Free
Child (3 – 9) $26.99 $24.99*
General Admission (10 – 59) $34.99 $30.99*
Senior (60+) $26.99 $24.99*

What did zoombezi Bay used to be?

Zoombezi Bay
Owner Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Opened 1946 (as zoo park) May 26, 2008 (as water park)
Previous names Wyandot Lake (1984–2006) Gooding Zoo Park (1946–1984)
Operating season May to September

Is zoombezi Bay opening this year?

Zoombezi Bay is closed for the season. We’ll see you during Summer 2022!

What is a zoompass?

ZOOMPASS guests make ride reservations and are given a wait time on their wristbands.

Will zoombezi Bay open?


Does zoombezi Bay have military discount?

Military personnel and family will also receive a reduced admission of $23.99-$25.99 per person for Zoombezi Bay Water Park. … Immediate family is defined as active or non-active military personnel, their spouse and any kids living in the household. A $10 parking fee will still be applicable to non-members.

Do you have to wear a mask at Zoombezi Bay?

PLEASE NOTE: Per CDC guidance, we strongly encourage everyone to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

How much is Cosi tickets?

Center of Science and Industry (COSI)

How many slides are at Zoombezi Bay?

Experience the Ride

No need for a tube on these three challenging slides! Starting from a 63-foot tall tower, guests glide through the 310 feet of slides containing portions that are enclosed in darkness. Get ready for speeds of over 20 mph by the time you reach the bottom. Height: Riders must be 48” tall to ride.

Is Jungle Jack’s Landing open?

The water park became known as Zoombezi Bay while the dry ride area became Jungle Jack’s Landing.

Rides At Adventure Cove.
Opened May 26, 2008
Previous names Gooding Zoo Park (1946-1984) Wyandot Lake (1984-2006) Jungle Jack’s Landing (2008-2019)
Operating season May to September
Area 11 acres (45,000 m2)

What food is at Zoombezi Bay?

  • View the Zoo and Zoombezi Bay’s Full Food & Beverage Menu Here. Big Island Tenders & Wings. …
  • Blue Pelican. Savor made-to-order salads, deli-style wraps, pita sandwiches, chicken tenders, and kids’ meals. …
  • Coconut Joe’s Bar. …
  • Harvest Pizzeria. …
  • Hurricane Heather’s Ice Cream Shack. …
  • Otter’s Street Tacos. …
  • Pepsi Oasis. …
  • The Sandbar.
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Is zoombezi bay heated?

Experience the Ride

Its 4,000-square-foot heated-water playground features 12 marine animal play structures and eases in from zero to 12-14 inches deep.

Does zoombezi Bay have a bar?

Relax and unwind at the all-new Croctail Creek & The Sandbar

The all-new, adults-only experience is now open! Start out at The Sandbar, our brand new walk-up and swim-up bar, which features a heated lounge pool complete with in-water seating.

Does zoombezi Bay have heated pools?

New for 2021!

Enjoy our heated lounge pool complete with in-water seating and a swim-up bar, or relax in your cushioned chaise lounger and order a drink from our cocktail waiter/waitress service.

Can you drink alcohol at Zoombezi Bay?

To help ensure that all guests enjoy a safe experience during their visit, only authorized bags will be permitted inside the gates at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and Zoombezi Bay. … Outside food and drink are permitted at the Zoo only, but glass containers, alcohol and straws are prohibited.

How much is the Columbus Zoo wildlights?

Admission for Wildlights will be free with a zoo ticket. Prices for Franklin County residents are $16.99 for guests 10-59, or $11.99 for attendees 3-9 and 60 and older, and free for children younger than 3.

How much are tickets to Kings Island?

How much are Kings Island tickets? Single-day regular tickets range from $47.99-$51.99 depending on the date, and any-day, single-use tickets are $52.99. Single-day and any-day junior and senior tickets are $39.99. Seniors are ages 62 and older.

What state is the Columbus Zoo in?

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium/State
In 1927, the Columbus Zoological Park opened in Columbus, Ohio. For the next thirteen years, the park maintained a small collection of animals. Beginning in the 1940s, local efforts increased the number of animals dramatically and improved the zoo’s facilities.

Why did Geauga Lake close?

The park changed ownership again in 2004 after a purchase by Cedar Fair. The park’s SeaWorld portion was transformed into a water park in 2005, and together they became known as Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom.

Geauga Lake.
Closed September 16, 2007
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Where was Wyandot Lake located?

Columbus, Ohio
Wyandot Lake was a small Six Flags-owned amusement park located in Columbus, Ohio next to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It was notorious for featuring the old roller coaster Sea Dragon, which was named Jet Flyer when it opened in 1956.

What date does zoombezi Bay close?

September 17 – October 31. To avoid the crowds, we highly recommend visiting on any September date or on Thursdays or Sundays in October. Please note, ZOMBIEzi Bay reserves the right to close the entrance gates and stop further admission if the park reaches capacity.

What Zoo has a water park?

The Symbio Splash Park is the only one of it’s kind within a Zoo or Wildlife Park within the Greater Sydney Region.

Is the Ohio zoo open?

The Zoo is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Do veterans get in free at the Columbus Zoo?

Heroes get free admission to Columbus Zoo on Veterans Day! … Military personnel must show military ID, and veterans must show proof of service. Only immediate family (spouse and kids) living in the same household are eligible for free admission. The offer is only available at the Zoo’s entrance.

Can you bring food to Zoombezi Bay?

Christie Hard Nickell‎Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

There’s a sign as you approach the main gates that says that outside food and drink are prohibited at Zoombezi Bay.

How much are zoombezi Bay discount tickets at Kroger?

ALL WATER SLIDES at Zoombezi Bay Water Park in Ohio!

Zombiezi Bay Grand Opening Preview Event – First Look at Columbus Zoo’s new Halloween Haunt

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