how much do mbta train drivers make

How Much Do Mbta Train Drivers Make?

The salaries of Train Drivers in Boston, MA range from $15,534 to $131,826 , with a median salary of $50,856 . The middle 57% of Train Drivers makes between $50,856 and $77,363, with the top 86% making $131,826.

How much does MBTA pay per hour?

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Bus Drivers earn $63,000 annually, or $30 per hour, which is 77% higher than the national average for all Bus Drivers at $28,000 annually and 5% lower than the national salary average for ​all working Americans.

How much do MBTA trolley drivers make?

Average MBTA Bus Driver yearly pay in the United States is approximately $52,877, which is 52% above the national average. Salary information comes from 11 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

How much do Boston subway drivers make?

Salary Ranges for Subway Conductors in Boston, MA

The salaries of Subway Conductors in Boston, MA range from $79,639 to $119,459 , with a median salary of $99,549 . The middle 67% of Subway Conductors makes $99,549, with the top 67% making $119,459.

How do I become a MBTA train driver?

How can I become an operator for the MBTA (bus, train, streetcar)? Apply online at Or, if the job you are interested in is not listed, sign up for job alerts and select “Drivers” to be alerted of any new opportunities. Operator positions are posted as necessary, generally every few months.

Is the MBTA a good job?

Great Atmosphere

Overall working for the MBTA is a good job! The pay is good and just make sure you get your work done and the rest of the shift is easy going! Good job to start when young with no responsibility’s and no family life .

Is MBTA a government job?

The MBTA provides services in five different modes (boat not pictured) around Greater Boston. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (abbreviated MBTA and known colloquially as “the T”) is the public agency responsible for operating most public transportation services in Greater Boston, Massachusetts.

How much do San Diego Trolley drivers make?

The salaries of Public Transit Trolley Drivers in San Diego, CA range from $25,010 to $69,771 , with a median salary of $42,923 . The middle 60% of Public Transit Trolley Drivers makes $38,290, with the top 80% making $62,240.

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How much does the head of the MBTA make?

MBTA GENERAL MANAGER Steve Poftak, who receives a base salary of $324,800 a year, recently received a bonus of $20,800 for 2019.

How much do subway conductors make?

Salary Ranges for Subway Conductors

The salaries of Subway Conductors in the US range from $38,450 to $105,148 , with a median salary of $73,608 . The middle 57% of Subway Conductors makes between $73,608 and $84,041, with the top 86% making $105,148.

How does the ride work?

The RIDE paratransit service provides door-to-door, shared-ride transportation to eligible people who can’t use the subway, bus, or trolley all or some of the time due to temporary or permanent disability. … The RIDE is a shared service, so you’ll travel with other customers going in the same general direction.

Is there an MBTA app?

There are a variety of smartphone apps to help you plan trips on the MBTA, buy Commuter Rail tickets, pay for parking, and report safety concerns to the Transit Police. All MBTA apps are available for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Are trains free in Boston?

With the Charlie Card, each ride is just $2.25. The fare includes a free transfer to the buses. Charlie Cards can be picked up at the Downtown Crossing MBTA and can be reloaded. The Purple Line, also known as the Commuter Rail, is a separate line and the cost is not covered by the Charlie Card or paper tickets.

Who owns the T in Boston?

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MBTA subway
Operator(s) Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
Train length 6 cars (rapid transit) 1-3 cars (light rail)
System length 65.1 mi (104.8 km)

How much does it cost to run the MBTA?

All told, the MBTA had annual operating expenses of $434 million for its buses, just over $10 million for ferries and $941 million for all its rail services. Data from 2017 indicate that relative to fares collected, most MBTA services are operating at a loss—although this is common across many other US transit systems.

Who is the general manager of the MBTA?

Steve Poftak
The MBTA is overseen the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Board. Jamey Tesler is the Secretary of Transportation & CEO, and Steve Poftak is the General Manager.

Do train conductors sleep on the train?

On long distance passenger trains such as Amtrak, conductors do have a sleeping berth on the train, as do the diner staff.

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What is the difference between train operator and conductor?

Locomotive engineers drive passenger and freight trains, while conductors manage the activities of the crew and passengers on the train. Conductors may take payments or tickets from passengers and assist them when they have any difficulties.

Is the MBTA ride free?

Government Officials. Commonwealth Department of Public Utilities employees, anyone accompanying them, and state elevator inspectors ride the MBTA for free when they present a Public Official ID.

Who owns the ride?

The Ride program is run by the MBTA, but actual service is contracted out to two separate companies and organizations in the Greater Boston area to run the service: NEXT (National Express Transit) and VTS (Veterans Transportation Services).

Is runaway railway fast?

There are three rows of switchbacks in the loading area and everything moves quite quickly. Actually our whole time in line for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway went by very fast and there aren’t many places that the line gets jammed up, so you never feel stuck.

Do MBTA buses take cash?

You can pay your fare in cash onboard all MBTA buses. You can also add up to $20 in cash value to a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket at onboard fare boxes.

Can you pay MBTA with phone?

The MBTA’s Fare Transformation will make paying for transit easier and more convenient. Upon completion, you’ll be able to: Tap and board at any door with a fare card, smartphone, or contactless credit card.

Does the Boston t’take Apple pay?

Beginning this fall, commuter rail and ferry travelers will be able to pay for tickets through the MBTA mTicket app with Apple Pay. The MBTA’s mobile app for Android and iOS launched in 2012 and is a partnership with London-based technology firm Masabi.

Is the MBTA 24 hours?

Most trains run between about 5 AM and 1 AM, and some lines have service as late at 1:50 AM. Service runs more frequently during rush hour, between 6:30 AM – 9 AM and 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM on weekdays.

Is the subway in Boston Safe?

Re: Is it safe to use a subway at night in Boston? Yes it’s safe. There will be lots of people getting on the train at north station with you after the game. And south station has a large well lit interior waiting area.

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What T stop is Fenway Park?

Kenmore T station
Fenway Park is conveniently located within walking distance of public transportation. It is just around the corner from the Kenmore T station.

What does MBTA mean?

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
The result integrated the existing railroads of greater Boston into one comprehensive public transit system: The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA).

Why is it called Charlie Card?

It is named after a fictional character in the folk song “M.T.A.”, often called “Charlie on the MTA”, which concerns a man forever trapped on the Boston subway system – then known as the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) – because he cannot pay the 5-cent surcharge required to leave the train.

How fast do MBTA trains go?

Currently, the maximum speed on most of the line is 60 mph. The MBTA recently increased the limit to 79 mph in places where track has been upgraded, but Johnson said most of the line can support 90 mph and some segments are straight enough for 100.

Do MBTA trains have bathrooms?

There are restrooms on Commuter Rail trains, and they are accessible to people with disabilities. They are located at the ends of some cars. Please note that on some trips, the car with a restroom may be closed, but you can ask the conductor for access.

How much is the train from Boston to Salem?

Which train should you take from Boston to Salem?
Train Daily Trips Avg. Price
Amtrak 4 $453.93

Is the Silver Line in Boston a bus or subway?

The Silver Line is a system of bus routes in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts, operated by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA). It is operated as part of the MBTA bus system, but branded as bus rapid transit (BRT) as part of the MBTA subway system.

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