how to play jinx

How To Play Jinx?

A jinx can be initiated when at least two people say any same word or phrase at the same time. Typically, after the coincidental voicing of the same content, the individuals compete to say the word “jinx” before the other, with the slower respondent being the “loser” or “jinxee.”

How do you engage with Jinx?

Is jinx easy to learn?

League of Legends. … Jinx, the Loose Cannon, is a fairly simple champion for beginners of League of Legends. While her kit is simple, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to show a high level of skill when playing this ADC.

How do you play Jinx ADC?

What lane do you play jinx?

What Lane Is Jinx? Due to the lane phase of this pick, it is often played in the Bottom Lane position.

Is jinx good lol?

She’s currently arguably the best adc, being S+ tier with almost 53% winrate and a high pickrate. She has a weaker early game though, but in return her late game is insane. … yes she is really good.

Is jinx good early game?

Atrocious early game as she does no damage during that stage and is very vulnerable to all-ins. She can easily be zoned out of CS, which is not a good thing for her as she needs her core items to be useful. … Stay with your Support throughout the mid-game.

Is jinx the easiest ADC?

Easiest ADC’s in LoL No.

Jinx is another easy-to-play champion. Her kit is straightforward and thanks to her chompers, she’s also got a decent peel tool.

Who is the best starter in wild rift?

League Of Legends Wild Rift: 15 Best Champions For Beginners
  1. 1 Seraphine (Mage/Support) Newcomer Seraphine offers quite an easy-to-use kit as a Support songstress.
  2. 2 Janna (Support/Mage) …
  3. 3 Lux (Mage/Support) …
  4. 4 Miss Fortune (Marksman/Mage) …
  5. 5 Dr. …
  6. 6 Master Yi (Assassin/Fighter) …
  7. 7 Sona (Support/Mage) …
  8. 8 Annie (Mage/Support) …

What is the easiest ADC?

When starting off playing the ADC role, it will be highly beneficial if you pick one of these 5 champions as they’re some of the easiest champions on the ADC list.
  1. Ashe. Ashe is an excellent ADC in the current meta. …
  2. Sivir. Sivir is a very good beginner ADC for several reasons. …
  3. Caitlyn. …
  4. Ziggs. …
  5. Miss Fortune.
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Who is Jinx Sister?

Jinx and Vi confirmed as sisters in interview with Ghostcrawler. They both share a love of violence, that’s for sure.Sep 28, 2017

Does conqueror work on Jinx?

Press the Attack, Lethal Tempo and Conqueror of the Precision Tree Keystones are viable Runes on Jinx and picking the right Rune setup for each game will help you destroy on Jinx. … Conqueror has been the rune that most Jinx’s are currently running.

Who counters jinx ADC?

League of Legends Wild Rift Jinx Counters are Tristana, Draven, and Corki, which have the best chance of winning Jinx in the lane. You DO NOT want to pick Ezreal or Lucian as they will most likely lose to Jinx. In Terms of Synergy, picks like Leona and Blitzcrank are good with Jinx.

Is Jinx Evil League of Legends?

Jinx, formerly known as Powder and also known as The Loose Cannon, is a villainous playable character and mascot in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends, who serves as the main antagonist of the “True Genius” cinematic, the villain protagonist of “The Wedding Crasher”, and the central antagonist …

How do you use jinx s11?

Is Caitlyn good lol?

Caitlyn is a great late-game champion. As long as you can kite on her, you will be incredibly potent in late game team fights. … She will be able to dish out a lot of damage in team fights and she will be able to take down tanks easier than ever.

What does jinx do lol?

Jinx fires a super rocket across the map that gains damage as it travels. The rocket will explode upon colliding with an enemy champion, dealing damage to it and surrounding enemies based on their missing Health.

Is jinx good wild rift?

Jinx is a great starter champion if you want to give Dragon Lane a try! Her abilities are really simple and she has a great play style for beginners that are just starting to play Wild Rift.

Is jinx strong in lane?

Her Zap! is great for harassing and is especially strong in the early game(in lane). Another great use of it is for cancelling auto attacks in a 1v1 or 2v2 situation. I do not recommend using it in teamfights in the late game because you can hit one auto instead of it which will do 2x more aoe damage . Flame Chompers!

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What Lane is jinx wild rift?

League of Legends Wild Rift Jinx is a Marksman Champion commonly played in the Dragon Lane as Carry. When playing this Marksman in the Dragon Lane, we rank it as a S-Tier pick. Jinx will mostly do Physical Damage and can deal a lot of damage. Based on playstyle, we consider this champion Moderately Diffcult To Play.

What is Dragon Lane in wild rift?

In the PC version of League of Legends the Dragon Lane was referred to as Bot Lane; however, in wild rift, the Dragon Lane will swap from the bottom of the map to the top for anyone on the Red Team. Because of this, the lane has received the new name, Dragon Lane.

Who is better jinx or Caitlyn?

Jinx currently has a higher win rate that Caitlyn, and shes pretty much never banned.

Is jinx good low ELO?

In the fiesta of incompetent clowns that is iron to plat, a champ that cannot set up her own plays and lacks self sufficiency has zero viability. You’re better picking Kog’maw, where you at least have early damage to work around.

Who is the safest ADC?

1. Ezreal. Ezreal is undoubtedly the safest marksman in the game. Not only does he have his E to get away from trouble, but all of his damaging abilities are long-ranged too.

How good is Master Yi?

Master Yi is one of the most popular and best low ELO Junglers in League of Legends. With tons of kill pressure and his insane ability to solo carry, it’s important that you learn how to play against him so he is unable to take over the map.

Which hero is good in Wild Rift?

Top / Baron lane
Tier Champion
S Camille, Fiora, Garen, Renekton, Graves
A Darius, Kennen, Malphite, Pantheon, Riven, Wukong, Irelia
B Dr. Mundo, Jax, Nasus, Singed
C Teemo, Tryndamere

How many champions are in Wild Rift?

There are currently 57 playable champions in Wild Rift. Here are all the champions in Wild Rift: Ahri, Annie, Ashe, Aurelion Sol, Alistar, Akali, Amumu, Braum, Blitzcrank, Camille, Corki, Dr.

Is jinx an ADC or ADR?

Jinx. This manic, excitable ADC is one of the most versatile on the League roster as she’s capable of switching between a fast-firing minigun and a long range, splash damage-dealing rocket launcher.

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Is sivir a hyper carry?

League of Legends is a team game. … The consensus in the community is that she is a late-game hyper-carry, but this data is not confirming that. Sivir also maintains a decent advantage at different points in the game. There is a clear downward trend for her as games go on, though.

Is Ashe a lane bully?

Ashe. There should be no surprise seeing Ashe on this list since she is one of the most basic champions in the game. Not only she is a common favourite among beginners, but she’s also really powerful. Just like Caitlyn, she has a great laning phase and is somewhat a lane bully herself.

Who is Jinx’s dad?

This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style.
Species Chemically-altered human
Occupation Criminal
Family Vander (first adoptive father) Silco (second adoptive father) Enforcer Vi (sister)
Origin Zaun (former Undercity of Piltover)

What is Jinx’s real name?

LOL: What Is Jinx Real Name? Jinx’s real name is Powder as guessed by some Reddit users. There are also some comments on Reddit stating that her sister Vi called her Powder. Some even wrote down that Powder is a nickname used by Jinx before it got settled with this nickname.

Do Cyborg and Jinx get together?

Cyborg and Jinx playfully “fighting”. As of “Opposites”, Cyborg and Jinx are secretly dating and enjoying their “forbidden romance.” They are obviously smitten with each other, and both disobey orders against dating someone from opposite teams.

Can jinx ULT hit Dragon?

the ult doesnt hit neutral and epic monsters (as dragon and baron), but they get damage from the splash damage.

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