what airport for st petersburg florida

What Airport For St Petersburg Florida?

St. Pete–Clearwater International Airport

What airport do you fly into for St Petes Florida?

Pete – Clearwater International Airport
Pete – Clearwater International Airport (PIE) is located nine miles north of downtown St. Petersburg, seven miles southeast of Clearwater and 17 miles southwest of Tampa. The airport has a number of gift shops and newsstands as well as restaurants and pubs.

Is St Petersburg airport the same as Tampa?

(TPA) Tampa is much much larger, PIE( St Pete) is much easier to get in and out of. If you are going to St. Pete proper or st. pete beach – the drive is about the same from either airport – 25-30minutes.

What airport is closer to St Petersburg?

The closest major airport to Saint Petersburg, Russia is Pulkovo Airport (LED / ULLI). This airport is 19 km from the center of Saint Petersburg, Russia. If you’re looking for international or domestic flights to LED, check the airlines that fly to LED.

What is St Pete Clearwater airport code?


What airport do you fly into to go to Sarasota Florida?

Sarasota Bradenton Intl Airport
There is only 1 airport in Sarasota, called Sarasota Bradenton Intl Airport (SRQ). It can also be referred to as Sarasota Bradenton, Sarasota Bradenton Intl, or Sarasota–Bradenton Intl.

Which airlines fly out of St Petersburg FL?

St Petersburg – Clearwater Airport (PIE) Terminals
Airline Terminal
Sunwing Airlines Main Terminal
Allegiant Main Terminal
Sun Country Airlines Main Terminal

Are there 2 airports in Tampa?

The city of Tampa, Florida has three main airports; Tampa International Airport, St. Petersburg–Clearwater International Airport and Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport.

Is it better to fly into Tampa or Sarasota?

Sarasota is definitely closer, but more expensive and more limited flight schedules since it is smaller. Tampa is much bigger and cheaper flights/ rental cars about an hour drive easy drive too. Tampa’s airport (TPA) is about 1-1.5 hours away, depending on which part of Sarasota you are headed.

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What is the difference between Clearwater Beach and St Pete Beach?

St. Pete Beach is longer and more narrow, and Clearwater Beach is shorter and wide, but they both offer sugary sand, a wealthy of family entertainment options, and great dining.

Where is the pie airport?

Clearwater, FL
Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) is located on State Route 686 (Roosevelt Blvd.) 4 miles north of St. Petersburg. Our address is 14700 Terminal Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762.

What airport serves Clearwater Beach?

Tampa St. Petersburg
What airports are near Clearwater Beach? The closest airport is Tampa St. Petersburg (PIE) (9.74 mi). Other nearby airports are Tampa (TPA) (17.98 mi), Sarasota Bradenton Intl (SRQ) (43.52 mi), Punta Gorda Charlotte County (PGD) (89.24 mi) or Orlando (MCO) (97.65 mi).

Is Clearwater airport the same as Tampa?

Pete–Clearwater International Airport (IATA: PIE, ICAO: KPIE, FAA LID: PIE) is a public/military airport in Pinellas County, Florida, United States, serving the Tampa Bay Area.

How far is St Pete Beach from airport?

Pete Beach is St. Petersburg (PIE) Airport which is 13 miles away.

How many terminals does St Petersburg airport have?

St Petersburg (Pulkovo) International Airport (LED) has two terminals, namely Pulkovo 1 and Pulkovo 2.

What is the closest major airport to Sarasota Florida?

The nearest airport to Sarasota is Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ) Airport which is 3.8 miles away. Other nearby airports include St. Petersburg (PIE) (40.9 miles), Tampa (TPA) (44.5 miles), Ft. Myers (RSW) (73.9 miles) and Orlando (MCO) (106.9 miles).

Where does Southwest fly into in Florida?

Country City Airport
United States (Florida) Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport
Jacksonville Jacksonville International Airport
Orlando Orlando International Airport
Palm Beach Palm Beach International Airport

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Siesta Key Florida?

Southwest Airlines Adds Sarasota as a New Destination. Many people traveling on Siesta Key vacations choose to fly into the nearby Sarasota Bradenton International Airport. … Here’s everything you need to know before you start looking into rentals in Siesta Key!

Does Clearwater have an airport?

The St. Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport is even closer to the beach (11 miles) and with rapidly expanding service, accessible from an ever-increasing number of cities. In addition to air and sea, Clearwater can easily be reached by car.

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Is Allegiant safe to fly on?

Allegiant always keeps its passengers safe due to its commitment to the safety of all its passengers. Undoubtedly, the measure taken by this airline is commendable and allows its customers to remain safe during their air journey.

What airports are closest to Tampa?

The nearest airport to Tampa is Tampa (TPA) Airport which is 5 miles away. Other nearby airports include St. Petersburg (PIE) (14.6 miles), Sarasota/Bradenton (SRQ) (39.4 miles), Orlando (MCO) (78.1 miles) and Ft.

Is Tampa a big airport?

Tampa International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the US. It is located 11km west of the city of Tampa in Florida, US. The airport is spread over 3,300 acres.

Is Tampa Bay and Tampa the same?

While you may have heard Tampa and Tampa Bay used interchangeably, there’s just a little different you should know — Tampa is the biggest city in the greater metropolitan area of Tampa Bay, and the whole metro area consists of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the four surrounding counties.

Is SRQ a big airport?

Owned by the Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority, it is 3 miles (4.8 km) north of downtown Sarasota and 6 miles (9.7 km) south of Bradenton.
Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport
Opened 1942
Elevation AMSL 30 ft / 9 m
Coordinates 27°23′44″N 082°33′16″WCoordinates: 27°23′44″N 082°33′16″W
Website srq-airport.com

Is Sarasota airport a big airport?

The airport is spread over approximately 1,100 acres and most its property including half of Airside B, runways and taxiways, three fixed base operators (FBOs) and certain other lands are located in Manatee County. The City of Sarasota hosts a major portion of long-term parking.

Is Sarasota Airport small?

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport is small, but it’s seeing BIG growth. The airport’s CEO says nearly 200,000 more passengers traveled through SRQ this year compared to last year, that’s a 38 percent jump.

Is St Petersburg or Clearwater nicer?

Lots more to do in general in Clearwater Beach… more people on the beaches, etc. St. Pete is great as well but we’ve always found it way more laid-back than Clearwater, less things to do, and fewer people on the beach.

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Is Tampa or St Petersburg better?

Tampa is larger which means more diversity and job opportunities – and more traffic. St. Pete has a more condensed, exciting downtown and it’s closer to the beach. Both have among the best schools in Tampa Bay.

Is St Pete and St Petersburg the same?

St Petersburg (often called St Pete, for short) and St Pete Beach (no ‘s) are two different municipalities. St Petersburg is a fairly large city on the mainland. St Pete Beach is a small town located on the barrier island of Long Key. It is accessible from St Pete by crossing one of two long drawbridges, or causeways.

Why is St Petersburg airport pie?

Following WWII, the U.S. Government gave the airport property to Pinellas County to operate as a commercial airport. It was originally called the Pinellas International Airport and given the airport call letters, PIE.

What is the airline code for St Petersburg Florida?


What airlines fly out of Clearwater Florida?

Destination Airport Visitor Info
Kansas City, MO KCI www.visitkc.com/
Key West, FL EYW fla-keys.com/
Knoxville, TN TYS www.gatlinburg-tennessee.com/ www.knoxville.org/ www.smokymountains.org/
Lexington, KY LEX www.kentuckytourism.com/ www.visitlex.com/

How do I get from Tampa Airport to Clearwater Beach?

The best way to get from Tampa Airport (TPA) to Clearwater Beach (Land) without a car is to line 300 bus and line 59 bus and bus which takes 2h 7m and costs $9.

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