what airport is closest to marco island florida

What Airport Is Closest To Marco Island Florida?

Southwest Florida International Airport

How far is Marco Island from airport?

The nearest airport to Marco Island is Ft. Myers (RSW) Airport which is 40.8 miles away. Other nearby airports include Miami (MIA) (90.6 miles), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL) (98.7 miles) and West Palm Beach/Palm Beach (PBI) (113.9 miles). How long does it take to get to Marco Island from the Airport?

Is there a shuttle from Fort Myers airport to Marco Island?

There is no shuttle from RSW to Marco. However your Marco hotel/convention may have such a shuttle set up for you. The monopoly taxi’s at RSW cost more than $100 to get to Marco.

How do you get from Fort Myers airport to Marco Island?

The best way to get from Ft. Myers Airport (RSW) to Marco Island without a car is to line 50 bus and line 240 bus and line 600 bus and line 11 bus and line 17 bus and line 21 bus which takes 7h 25m and costs .

Does Allegiant fly into Marco Island?

Closest Airports to Marco Island. The closest airport to Marco Island is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), located in Fort Myers. … Flying to your Marco Island vacation rental is easy. If your departure city is served by Allegiant Airlines, the Punta Gorda Airport is a great option.

Does Southwest fly to Marco Island?

Flying to Marco Island is easy. … The closest airport to Marco Island is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). Located about an hour north of Marco Island, in Fort Myers, it’s an easy drive to Marco. If you charter a plane or have one of your own, you can fly directly to Marco Island’s executive airport.

Is Marco Island worth visiting?

Beautiful beaches, water sports, bird watching, and outdoor adventures are the hallmark of Marco Island. With one eye to protecting the ecosystem and the other to all-out fun, your vacation will be uniquely Floridian. Marco Island is a perfect place to enjoy the sunshine.

Do you need a car in Marco Island?

This is a small and fantastic airport that’s easy to get into and out of with usually short check-in and security lines. From there, you’ll need to rent a car or take a private shuttle, taxi or Uber onto the island itself, which is about an hour’s distance south.

Is Marco Island Expensive?

With a population of 17,947 people and six constituent neighborhoods, Marco Island is the 148th largest community in Florida. Marco Island home prices are not only among the most expensive in Florida, but Marco Island real estate also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America.

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How far is JW Marriott Marco Island from airport?

The distance between Ft. Myers Airport (RSW) and JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort is 42 miles.

What is Marco Island known for?

Marco Island is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and offers world-class golf courses nearby, shopping and dining on Marco Island and in nearby Naples, the world famous Everglades National Park adjacent, and immediate access to both the Gulf of Mexico and the mangrove-lined estuaries of the Ten …

Does Naples have an airport?

Naples Airport (APF)

The most direct way to get into Naples is certainly the Naples Municipal Airport. It is only five miles from downtown Naples and it gets you as close to the heart of the city as possible. … The airport is used by Naples Jet Center, Naples Air, and Gulf Coast Airways.

Can you drive on Marco Island?

Yes, you can drive to the island. We fly into Ft. Myers (RSW) airport. It is about a 45 min drive to Marco from there.

What airport do you fly into for Sanibel Island?

Southwest Florida International Airport
Southwest Florida International Airport, located in Fort Myers, is your gateway to The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. RSW is located approximately 30 minutes from Fort Myers Beach and 45 minutes from Sanibel Island.

Does Southwest fly out of Fort Myers Florida?

Traveling from Fort Myers/Naples.

Southwest Airlines is proud to serve Southwest Florida International Airport. Get away for a while without the hassle of a long car trek up the coast or to the other side of the state.

When did JW Marriott Marco Island Open?

MARCO ISLAND, Fla., Jan. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts, the global luxury brand that is part of Marriott International’s luxury brands portfolio, has debuted JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort.

What is Marco Island close to?

Marco Island, just a short ride from the Florida Everglades and close to Naples, is the largest and only developed land in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands.

What airport do you fly into to get to Fort Myers Florida?

Southwest Florida International Airport
Most visitors flying into Fort Myers will arrive at the Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), which serves airlines making both domestic and international journeys. RSW is at 11000 Terminal Access Road in Fort Myers, and 11 airlines fly in to and out of this airport, including: Air Canada.

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What airlines fly into APF?

Some of the major airlines serving the airport are ExecAir, Gulf Coast Airways, and PM Airways. These airlines offer scheduled services to some major destinations including Miami, Key West, Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale.

Which is better Captiva or Marco Island?

Captiva is low rise, and Marco ins’t crammed with them, but some beaches are lined with condos and some are high. Captiva you can pretty much walk everywhere as the roads is small or you can walk along the beach then over to where you need to go.

Does Marco Island have alligators?

Exciting Alligator Tours Florida

While there aren’t as many alligators on Marco Island as in other parts of Florida, you can still see some when you visit. Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve are close to My Marco Horizon Rentals.

How safe is Marco Island Florida?

With a crime rate for both violent and property crime combined of 5 per 1,000 residents, the crime rate in Marco Island is one of the lower rates in America among communities of all sizes (lower than 84% of America’s communities). One’s chance of becoming a victim of crime in Marco Island is one in 195.

How do you fly into Marco Island?

There is actually only one airport which is the closest to Marco Island. The main airport is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers, and that is where 99% of all travelers coming to Marco go. If you are only going to be going to Marco Island you should go through RSW.

Is Marco Island beach Rocky?

Parts of the beach and ocean floor are rocky although still beautiful. Also, in order to reach the beach from the hotel which was beachfront , (Marriott), you must would over a boardwalk as the dunes between the hotel and beach are protected land.

What should I bring to Marco Island?

In addition to warm-weather clothing like shorts and t-shirts, you’ll want to bring layers – it will be cooler at times, especially in January and early February. So, while you probably won’t need a thick parka, you will want to pack a couple of sweaters, long pants and a medium jacket.

How much does it cost to live on Marco Island?

Marco Island cost of living is 141.4
COST OF LIVING Marco Island Florida
Housing 237.1 102.6
Median Home Cost $646,000 $294,900
Utilities 98 101.3
Transportation 81.4 112.6

What is the most expensive house on Marco Island Florida?

Try refreshing the page. A contemporary waterfront mansion on Florida’s Marco Island is on the market with a $14.25 million price tag, claiming the title of the most expensive residential listing for sale since 2005 at the Gulf Coast retreat.

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Who lives on Marco Island?

Broadcast Media & Film
  • Judge Judy Sheindlin. The famous television judge owns a home in Pelican Bay. …
  • Sean Hannity. The syndicated radio talk show host and host of Hannity on the FOX News Channel owns a penthouse in the Moraya Bay Beach Tower.
  • Brett Baier. …
  • Jane Seymour. …
  • Mary Carillo. …
  • Neal Boortz. …
  • John Schnatter. …
  • Shahid Kahn.

How much is valet parking at JW Marriott Marco Island?

Valet parking costs USD 30.00 per day. Electric vehicle charging is available.

Does Marco Island have white sand?

With its beautiful white sands stretching all down the west side of the Island, the beaches are not crowded and unspoiled. … With miles of white sandy beaches, Marco Island is a perfect place to enjoy the warming rays of the Gulf Coast.

Can you drink alcohol on Marco Island beach?

The confusion comes in because alcohol is not allowed in Collier County parks which, in the case of South Beach and Tigertail, the parks are adjacent to the beach. … However, beach-goers may have alcohol on the sandy beaches everywhere on Marco Island, as long as it’s not in a glass container.

What part of Marco Island is best?

Best Area in Marco Island Close to Everything

If you’re looking for a more raw and authentic experience, stay on the North Side of Marco Island. Home to the famous Tigertail Beach, North Side’s attractions are less developed and more pristine than their southern counterparts.

What airlines fly out of Naples FL?

Airline | Code Concourse | Phone Number
  • airberlin AB B 917-261-3165.
  • Air Canada AC B 888-247-2262.
  • American Airlines AA D 800-433-7300.
  • Delta Air Lines/Delta Connection DL C 800-221-1212.
  • Frontier Airlines F9 B 801-401-9000.
  • JetBlue Airways B6 D 800-538-2583.
  • Silver Airways 3M D 801-401-9100.

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