what exit is the outerbridge off the nj turnpike

What Exit Is The Outerbridge Off The Nj Turnpike?


What exit is Outerbridge Crossing on NJ Turnpike?

NJ 440 north
The Outerbridge Crossing goes over the Arthur Kill from Staten Island to New Jersey. Photos taken November 2019. Welcome to New Jersey! There is an exit for NJ 440 north, Convery Boulevard (NJ 35) north, and Amboy Avenue (CR 653).

What is Exit 10 NJ Turnpike?

Exit 10 – I-287; NJ-440; Perth Amboy; Metuchen; Edison Township – State Route New Jersey Turnpike Southbound in New Jersey – iExit.

What town is exit 17 on NJ Turnpike?

This junction is located in Union City, New Jersey.

What is Exit 11 NJ Turnpike?

new jersey turnpike exit 11 toll plaza woodbridge

What exit is the Outerbridge Crossing on the Garden State Parkway?

Take Garden State Parkway North to Exit 127 and follow signs for Route 440 North towards Outerbridge Crossing. Take State Street Exit (follow State Street/Perth Amboy sign).

Where is the Outerbridge?

Perth Amboy

What is Exit 12 NJ Turnpike?

NJ Turnpike Exit 12. New Jersey Turnpike (County Route 602) Carteret, NJ.

Where is Exit 9 on the NJ Turnpike?

Great Overnight Stop: East Brunswick, NJ (NJTPK, Exit 9)
City: East Brunswick, New Jersey
Exit Number: New Jersey Turnpike, Exit 9
Exit Description: US11, US1, NJ18, New Brunswick, East Brunswick

How many exits are on the NJ Turnpike?

The Parkway maintains a total of 365 exits and entrances. Tolls are collected at 49 locations, including 11 plazas on the main roadway and 38 on entrance or exit ramps.

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What town is Exit 1 on NJ Turnpike?

Carneys Point Township
In July 2004, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority opened the new exit 1 toll gate in Carneys Point Township.

What is Exit 17 on the Garden State Parkway?

Sea Isle City
Exit 17 on the southbound side of the Garden State Parkway takes traffic to Sea Isle City. Exit 17 on the Garden State Parkway creates a conundrum of sorts for motorists traveling to and from Sea Isle City.Jul 26, 2017

Where is Exit 1 NJ Turnpike?

Delaware Memorial Bridge
New Jersey Turnpike Exits
Interchange Milepost Location
1 1.2 Delaware Memorial Bridge
2 12.9 US322, Swedesboro, Chester
3 26.1 NJ168, Woodbury, S. Camden
4 34.5 NJ73, Camden, Philadelphia

What is Exit 11 on Garden State Parkway?

Next in line for Interstate 95 northbound is the junction with the Garden State Parkway (Exit 11). The Garden State Parkway crosses paths with the New Jersey Turnpike at Woodbridge between Perth Amboy and Menlo Park.

What is Exit 127 on Garden State Parkway?

The Main St Ext at Chevalier Ave stop is the nearest one to Garden State Pkwy Exit 127 in Sayreville, Nj.

What exit is Woodbridge?

Take Exit 130 Route 1 North. Follow Rout Number 1 North to Woodbridge Center Drive, just before light make right.

What town is Exit 8A on NJ Turnpike?

All Businesses at Exit 8A (Jamesburg; Cranbury) along New Jersey Turnpike in New Jersey | iExit Interstate Exit Guide.

What exit is the NJ Turnpike off 287?

Exit 10
The NJ Turnpike Outer Roadway northbound at Exit 10 for I-287 north and NJ 440 east.

What exit is Morristown on 287?

Take Route 24 West to Route 287 South to Exit 36 (Morris St. / Lafayette Ave.) From Western New Jersey/ Pennsylvania: Route 80 East to exit for Route 287 South. Take Route 287 South to Exit 35 (Madison Ave. / South St.)

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Why is it called the Outerbridge?

Originally called the Arthur Kill Bridge, it was later named in honor Eugenius H. Outerbridge, who was the Port Authority’s first chairman and one of the signers of the compact between New York and New Jersey that created the Port Authority.

How long is the Outerbridge?

3,091 m

When was Outerbridge built?

September 1, 1925

What exit is Molly Pitcher on the New Jersey Turnpike?

Exit 7A
Molly Pitcher Inn will be on the right hand side. From Pennsylvania and points South: Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to NJ Turnpike northbound to Exit 7A.

What is Exit 8 NJ Turnpike?

East Windsor’s Exit 8 – Route 33 corridor offers easy and direct access to the newly widened New Jersey Turnpike. Just east of the Turnpike, this corridor offers sites of varying sizes to meet corporate facility requirements, all within a mile of the Turnpike Interchange.

Where is Exit 9 on the Garden State Parkway?

Garden State Parkway Exits & Toll Barriers
128 Route 9
127 Route 440 East/I-287 North/Route 9
Raritan (South only) Raritan Tolls (Milepost 125.8)
125 Route 35 Sayreville/South Amboy (exit only NB, entrance only SB)

What exit is New Brunswick on the New Jersey Turnpike?

NJ Turnpike at Exit 9 – New Brunswick, NJ.

What is Exit 6 NJ Turnpike?

Holly. Bordentown | Burlington ➤ Exit 6: NJTP Extension to Pennsylvania Turnpike. Burlington | Florence ➤ US 130 – Florence. Burlington | Florence ➤ Delaware River Bridge / Pennsylvania Turnpike.

What is Exit 13 on the NJ Turnpike?

NJ Turnpike Exit 13 – Elizabeth, NJ.

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What exits are the rest stops on the NJ Turnpike?

Every Rest Stop on the New Jersey Turnpike, Ranked
  • 5. Walt Whitman.
  • Vince Lombardi. …
  • Clara Barton. …
  • Richard Stockton. Southbound, mile marker 59. …
  • Thomas Edison. Southbound, mile marker 93. …
  • John Fenwick. Northbound, mile marker 6. …
  • Joyce Kilmer. Northbound, mile marker 78. …
  • Alexander Hamilton. Southbound, mile marker 112. …

What town is Exit 4 on the New Jersey Turnpike?

NJ Turnpike at Exit 4 – Intersection in Mount Laurel.

What exit is 7A on the NJ Turnpike?

All Businesses at Exit 7A (I 195;I 195) along New Jersey Turnpike in New Jersey | iExit Interstate Exit Guide.

What is Exit 15 on the NJ Turnpike?

NJ Turnpike at Exit 15E – Newark Airport and Port Newark – 1 tip.

What exit is Mahwah NJ?

Exit 66 – Route 17 south – Mahwah – Interstate I-287 Northbound in New Jersey – iExit.

New Jersey Turnpike (Exits 14A, 14, 15W) westbound/northbound

New Jersey Turnpike (Exits 11 to 9) southbound (Truck Lanes)

[TIMELAPSE] NJTP Exit 10 Outerbridge + Verrazano Thru Belt Pkway

New Jersey Turnpike (Exits 7A to 6) southbound (Truck Lanes)

Route 1 S, minutes off NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway,Goethals & OuterBridge NYC, Luxury cars

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