what time should i arrive at discovery cove

What Time Should I Arrive At Discovery Cove?

Discovery Cove is a full day adventure with operating hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily. Check-in begins at 7:15 a.m. If you’re participating in 3 or more add-on experiences during your visit to Discovery Cove, please plan to arrive by 7:30 a.m. for check-in and proper scheduling of your day.

What time is breakfast at Discovery Cove?

Discovery Cove Breakfast Hours: 7:30 A.M. – 10:30 A.M. Discovery Cove Lunch Hours: 11:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.

Is Discovery Cove worth the money?

Yes, a day at Discovery Cove comes at a substantial cost, but you can definitely get your money’s worth, especially if you take advantage of admission to Sea World or Aquatica. The park in its entirety is beautiful and well maintained.

How do I prepare for Discovery Cove?

10 Insider Tips for Discovery Cove
  1. Get there early. …
  2. Visit Explorer’s Aviary first. …
  3. Don’t bother wearing jewelry. …
  4. Come hungry. …
  5. Pick up your complimentary photo in the middle of the day. …
  6. See more animals at the Conservation Cabana. …
  7. You will get soaked on the Wind-away River.

Is Discovery Cove cruel?

Discovery Cove is known by many as a place to swim and interact with animals from stingrays to dolphins. However, critics say that places like Discovery Cove and Seaworld are actually hurting the animals due to small enclosures and lack of the ability to swim freely.

Do I need a towel at Discovery Cove?

Discovery Cove provides a mask and snorkel, towels and beach chairs. … Since meals, snacks and beverages are provided with admission to Discovery Cove, no other food, beverages or coolers are permitted.

Do you have to wear a wetsuit to swim with dolphins?

Everyone that enters the water with the dolphins, MUST wear a wetsuit. Wetsuits are provided at no extra charge. … During hot weather, you can keep the wet suit unzipped until you go into the water.

Is swim with the dolphin worth it at Discovery Cove?

Discovery Cove has several optional extras including swimming with dolphins and sharks or feeding sting rays. We did the Dolphin Swim. And, it was absolutely worth the extra cost! … And, it was a big thrill being pulled through the water by a dolphin.

Is Discovery Cove water heated?

Greetings from Discovery Cove. The answer is yes and no. Our saltwater habitats, The Grand Reef and the dolphin lagoons, are maintained at a constant temperature year round. The temperature is maintained around 76 f so in the summer the pools are chilled and in the winter the pools are heated.

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Is one day at Discovery Cove enough?

1 day is enough. You can arrive from 730 and it closes at 6. Plenty of time to see everything and relax too!

How do I plan a day at Discovery Cove?

Tips for a Perfect Day at Discovery Cove
  1. Get to the park early. …
  2. A caution to families with young children. …
  3. Consider a wetsuit AND a vest. …
  4. Take an underwater camera with you. …
  5. Consider bringing your own full face snorkel. …
  6. Like frozen drinks? …
  7. Don’t wear jewelry. …
  8. Enjoy breakfast, lunch AND an early dinner.

Do you need water shoes at Discovery Cove?

You can use water shoes. We wore flip flops which worked and also bare feet. Discovery Cove is sandy and most are walking around in bare feet. … You do not need the water shoes, but if you prefer to wear them you can.

Can you wear earrings at Discovery Cove?

Remember not to wear jewelry to the park. Only wedding bands and waterproof watches are allowed. Other jewelry, like earrings, necklaces and bracelets, are not allowed for the safety of the animals. Do not bring any sunscreen either.

Are dolphins looked after at Discovery Cove?

There is marine wildlife and then there’s trained dolphins that are cared for very humanely. If you think about it this way, this attraction is only successful If there’s no abuse. over a year ago. Discovery Cove and Sea World are actually the opposite.

Why should you not swim with dolphins?

Both humans and dolphins are mammals. Although sea water acts as an effective disinfectant, interaction with wild dolphins may result in disease transfer. These may present serious health threats to dolphins and humans alike. Finally, swimming with dolphins represents harassment – you do not want to get a fine.

Are Discovery Cove dolphins happy?

But the dolphins in discovery cove seem very happy. The only things I did feel sorry for were the stingrays as they lie on the lagoon beds and there are lots of humans in the lagoon.

Are alcoholic drinks included at Discovery Cove?

Your Discovery Cove Admission Includes

Food and Beverages: Freshly prepared food, unlimited snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and a selection of beer and wine for guests 21+. … Parking: All-day self-parking at Discovery Cove is complimentary.

Can you take pictures at Discovery Cove?

You are allowed to take photo and video equipment anywhere in the park with the exception of the dolphin pools for animal safety. If there is anyone in the group not participating in the interaction they are more than welcome to take as many photos or video as they like from the beach.

Does Discovery Cove have sloths?

Discovery Cove Orlando is home to one of Florida’s most immersive animal tours, Animal Trek. … From there, you’ll continue this unique experience with a chance to meet Discovery Cove Animal Ambassadors such as an anteater, armadillo, kinkajou, or sloth. Tours start between 12:00p.

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Is there a weight limit at Discovery Cove?

There is no weight restriction, the dolphins are seriously strong and will not have any problem gliding anybody across the water. Hope you have a great time. over a year ago.

Can you wear wedding rings at Discovery Cove?

However, you are definitely encouraged (if not required) to remove any jewelry possible, including bracelets, necklaces, etc. You should wear your Discovery Cove lanyard to the swim, as this will be your proof of purchase and swim time! You will be asked to tuck the lanyard into your wet suit before diving in.

How deep is the lazy river at Discovery Cove?

8 foot deep
It’s 8 foot deep in places and you have to be able to swim well. You can pick up floats, I would recommend this as after 30 minutes you will get tired!

Is Discovery Cove better than SeaWorld?

They are 2 completely different places. If they want rides and shows, Seaworld is the place to go. If you want a day of all-inclusive relaxation, it is Discovery Cove. Don’t know if this is still fact, but you used to get a free pass for SeaWorld when you go to Discovery Cove.

Can you touch otters at Discovery Cove?

Freshwater Oasis offer guests a unique opportunity to swim side by side with our playful Asian small-clawed otters, with viewing above and below the water. Be sure to bring your mask and snorkel and be immersed in a dynamic habitat the otters share with colorful fish.

How much does it cost to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove?

Please note: Discovery Cove charges a $4.99 resort fee per ticket and a $9.99 service fee per online order. All-Inclusive Dolphin Swim Program costs $211.90 – $489.90 per person, tax included.

What drinks are included at Discovery Cove?

Sodas, juice, water, and 2 different fruity alcoholic beverages are included in the regular price.

Is Discovery Cove too cold in December?

To get the most from your trip to Discovery Cove, it helps to know a little bit about what you can expect weather-wise in Orlando throughout the year. … December, January, and February. Orlando’s idea of winter is an average daytime high in the low 70’s with evenings around 50 degrees.

What drinks are included in Discovery Cove?

Food and Drink at Discovery Cove

Drinks include coffee, tea, milk, and freshly squeezed Florida orange juice. There’s a ton of variety for lunch options with everything from burgers to churrasco steak to wraps and salads. Leave room for dessert with chocolate cake, carrot cake, and cheesecake among the offerings.

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Do you need to know how do you swim at Discovery Cove?

You Don’t Need to Know How to Swim

At Discovery Cove, there is plenty for non-swimmers to do. They can explore an aviary full of tropical and exotic birds, relax in a hammock, or go for a shallow float down the lazy river.

Can the Stingrays at Discovery Cove sting you?

You can only bend over from the waist and look at the stingrays, but the nice thing here is you get to touch them and see their beautiful and captivating eyes. You won’t get stung – their barbs are removed, and the reason they have you stay on your feet is because the rays are big and can knock you around.

What beer is included at Discovery Cove?

The upgraded package includes Key West Sunset Ale, Heineken and Red Bridge Lager.

How old do you have to be to swim with dolphins at Discovery Cove?

6 years of age
Children must be 6 years of age or older to Swim with Dolphins, Feed Rays, and participate in Animal Trek. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a paying and participating companion age 14 or older. Children must be 10 years of age or older to Swim with Sharks or participate in SeaVenture.

How much is the photo package at Discovery Cove?

Packages range anywhere from $99-$229 plus tax. The Discovery Package which is our most popular option can be purchase for $219.00 if purchased in advance. Advance purchase can be made by contacting our reservation center at 407-513-4600.

Do you need to know how do you swim to swim with dolphins?

You Don’t Need to Know How to Swim

Our dolphin habitats are significantly deep and large because dolphins are big and active and require large spaces; however, if you don’t know how to swim, don’t worry! You can still live the experience.

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