where is weiss lake located

Where Is Weiss Lake Located?


Where is Weiss Lake located in Alabama?

northeast Alabama
Lake Weiss (pronounced “Wice”) is an Alabama Power Company hydroelectric impoundment covering 30,200 acres in northeast Alabama on the Alabama – Georgia border. The Weiss Lake fishery is the major economic influence in Cherokee County, so the locals treat anglers very well.

Are there alligators in Weiss Lake Alabama?

However, the tale of the 28-foot gator in Weiss Lake was a hoax, according a Jan. … Legend: Alligators still live in cool climate of North Alabama after being introduced to Tennessee River to control the beaver population.

How deep is Weiss Lake Alabama?

19 m

How big is Weiss Lake in Alabama?

130 km²

Does Lake Weiss have a beach?

Slackland Beach

A day-use area at Weiss Lake with an accessible trail, picnic tables, gazebo and protected swimming area.

Is Weiss Lake a dry lake?

You cannot possess any alcohol whatsoever on Weiss Lake. We’re out there in force looking for it because some of the accidents that have happened this year were due to alcohol,” said Watson.

Is it safe to swim in Lake Weiss?

State and local leaders say Weiss Lake is safe for swimmers. One thing health experts stress: to prevent infection, take precautions. “Importantly, if there is an open wound, really it’s best just to not get in fresh water, but if you do make sure it covered with a waterproof adhesive bandage,” explained Dr.

Are alligators white?

There are two kinds of white alligators: leucistic and albino. Sirphis the white alligator is albino. That means she lacks the pigment melanin, making her appear white. Because they do not blend in with their surroundings, young albino alligators are quickly spotted and eaten by predators.

Is Lake Weiss man made?

Weiss Dam is unique to Alabama Power’s system because the spillway gates are about four miles from the powerhouse. Water is diverted through a one-mile man-made canal to the forebay of the powerhouse. When the plant is generating, water is passed through the man-made tailrace channel back into the original riverbed.

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Is Weiss Lake shallow?

What a lot of Anglers do not know, is that Weiss Lake is a tremendous Bass fishery. Large mouth and Spotted Bass can be caught all year long in water as shallow as inches to as deep as 30 feet. Bring heavy tackle, as Weiss offer rocks, stumps, ledges, and other habitat that let the bass grow big!

Where can I fish on lake Weiss?

Weiss is a shallow, stumpy lake but that is just what makes a happy crappie. Right now you can try fishing the creek channel edges and slopes for some nice slabs. Tight-line a minnow on the bottom along these ledges, preferably along submerged cover, and remember to fish slow.

What river runs into Lake Weiss?

Coosa River
The Coosa River watershed begins in Tennessee and Georgia before entering Alabama at Weiss Lake.

What county is the Coosa River in?

Around 90% of the Coosa River’s length is located in Alabama. Coosa County, Alabama, is located on the Coosa River.
Coosa River
Country United States
State Alabama, Georgia
Physical characteristics
Source junction of Oostanaula River and Etowah River

What city is Lay Lake in?

Lay Lake is a 12,000-acre reservoir located thirty-five minutes south of Birmingham off I-65 and fifteen miles south of Columbiana in east-central Alabama. Lay Lake borders St. Clair, Talladega, Shelby, Coosa, and Chilton Counties.

Lay Lake.
Events Restaurants Weather
Business Map News

What is Cedar Bluff Alabama known for?

Cedar Bluff is a town in Cherokee County, Alabama, United States. … Cedar Bluff is located on the north shore of Weiss Lake, noted for its crappie fishing.

Where is the deepest part of Logan Martin Lake?

The depth of the lake is 35 to 110 feet (34 m) with only five feet average water level variance. The lake borders St. Clair and Talladega counties.

Logan Martin Lake.
Lake Logan Martin
Lake Logan Martin Show map of Alabama Show map of the United States Show all
Location Calhoun / St. Clair / Talladega counties, Alabama, US

Can you drink beer on Lake Guntersville?

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. … On Guntersville Lake, possession of alcohol is allowed within the Guntersville city limits, not into Marshall or Jackson Counties. Cherokee County is 100% dry, so there is no alcohol allowed there at all, including on Weiss Lake and Terrapin Creek.

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How big is Smith Lake Alabama?

84.98 km²

What state is Lake Martin in?


Is Weiss Lake polluted?

Sadly, Weiss Lake has been left with legacy pollution from an electric transformer manufacturing facility in Rome, about 20 miles upstream from the lake. … State budget shortfalls have prevented the Alabama Department of Health from monitoring the lake more closely.

Can you swim in Coosa River?

Jumping into your favorite swimming hole during the summer should be the easiest decision you make all year. That’s why we dedicate our Thursdays & Fridays during warm weather months to test the Coosa’s most popular places to dip. No one should have to gamble with their health when it comes to splashing in the river!

Is the Coosa River clean?

The Coosa River in Rome and Floyd County is listed twice on the annual Dirty Dozen list released Tuesday by the Georgia Water Coalition. Once is for the effects of toxic discharges from power plants and the other is for the lack of funds to determine how to clean it up.

Will an alligator eat a human?


Humans are not an alligator’s natural prey. In fact, alligators are inclined to be afraid of humans. … When gators associate people with food, they may start attacking people (especially smaller people). For this reason, the feeding of wild alligators in Florida is illegal.

Where do alligators sleep?

Alligators sleep by digging a hole or hollow in the mud where they live. This hole is known as a “gator hole”, which is usually dug along a waterway.

Which state has the most alligators?

Louisiana and Florida have the largest alligator populations—there are more than one million wild alligators in each state.

Are there houses under Lake Martin?

There are unverified claims that homes and buildings remain, but most were dismantled or moved when residents were relocated, according to TVA historian Pat Ezzell. Kowaliga, AL was another thriving black community that is now under Lake Martin. It had a black college, the first black railroad, and hundreds of homes.

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Are there alligators in Lake Martin Al?

Lake Martin is also home to a substantial nesting population of alligators, which can typically be spotted from Rookery Road, which runs right along the edge of the lake.

Is there a town at the bottom of Lake Martin?

Irma was a tiny Elmore County community now located beneath Lake Martin. … Falls City was already a ghost town by the time it was flooded in 1961 after Alabama Power built a dam at the Sipsey Fork tributary on the Warrior River to create Lewis Smith Lake, according to the Encyclopedia of Alabama.

How big is Lake Wedowee in Alabama?

43.14 km²

What state is Lake Wedowee in?

Lake Wedowee, or R. L. Harris Reservoir, is a reservoir, located in Randolph County, Alabama on the upper part of the Tallapoosa River 90 miles from Atlanta, Georgia.
Lake Wedowee
Primary outflows Tallapoosa River
Basin countries United States
Max. length 24 miles (39 km)
Surface area 10,660 acres (43.1 km2)

Can I fish Lake Weiss with a Georgia fishing license?

Anglers need to use an Alabama license when fishing the Alabama portion of this lake, and a Georgia license when fishing the Georgia portion of Weiss Lake. Boaters can find public access areas and almost 40 privately-run marinas at Weiss Lake.

Does Weiss Lake have catfish?

Catfish abundance is fairly consistent from year to year in Georgia’s portion of Lake Weiss. Channels, blues and flatheads all call these waters home. Channels usually are 1-2 pounds in size, with 5 to 8-pound fish fairly common. Blue catfish are just as abundant, but much larger fish are present.

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